Product Features

Establish a Secure Vault and Manage Credentials

Centrally Store and Organize

Securely store all logins, passwords, keys, documents, and other identities in the central vault. Classify and organize for quick access.

Discover Privileged Accounts

Discover privileged accounts on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems, devices, databases and applications.

Collaborate and Share with Team

Define ownership for accounts and let owners share passwords with team while retaining control.

Control Access, Automate Best Practices, Combat Identity Thefts

Control Access to IT

Establish controls on who can access what passwords. Provision and deprovision access seamlessly.

Approval Workflows

Enforce password request-release approvals for IT staff. Automate reset after time-limited access.

Randomize Passwords Automatically

Automatically randomize passwords of administrative, service and application accounts periodically.

Grant Access without Disclosing Passwords; Record Sessions

Remote Connections

Provide your users one-click access to remote servers, databases, devices and applications eliminating the need for copying and pasting credentials.

Access without Revealing Passwords

Grant remote access to devices and applications without showing the passwords to users, third-parties.

Privileged Session Recording

Record the entire remote privileged sessions. Playback as videos. Continuously monitor activities.

Advanced Authentication with Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

Integrate with Active Directory for user authentication, onboarding, and automatic offboarding.

Single Sign-On Convenience

Integrate with any SAML-based SSO solution (Okta, GSuite, ADFS, OneLogin, PingIdenity, Azure AD SSO, and others).

Multi-Factor Authentication

Integrate with popular MFA tools and enforce two-step verification for secure user access.

Secure Service Accounts, SSH Keys, Application Passwords

Manage Windows Service Accounts

Manage Windows domain, service, and local accounts. Manage the dependencies of service accounts.

Manage Application Passwords

Eliminate hard-coded passwords embedded in configuration files, scripts, and code through APIs.

Protect SSH Keys

Securely store SSH keys, track usage, associate them with UNIX devices for authentication and remote access.

Track Activities, Ensure Compliance. Gain Visibility

Track Activities with Trails

Maintain a complete trail of activities, including password access and changes across the organization.

Actionable Security Reports

Gain organization-wide visibility and actionable security insights on IT access through analytical reports.

Expiration Alerts

Set maximum age for passwords and send expiration alerts reminding users to change their passwords.

Enterprise-ready Capabilities

Password Policy Enforcement

Create and enforce policies to ensure compliance with password management best practices.

SIEM, Ticketing System Integration

Feed the trails related to password access to SIEM solutions. Integrate ticketing systems and link activities with tickets.

High Availability, Disaster Recovery

Built-in high availability and database backup provisions. Quick recover data in the event of a disaster.

Simplicity, Access Convenience for Endusers

Autofill Credentials

Autofill credentials on websites and applications using browser extensions. Autosave new credentials to the Vault.

Mobile Access

Access your passwords from mobile devices through Securden native apps for iOS and Android.

Cross-platform Access

The convenience of accessing the web-interface from devices running any operating system.