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PAM doesn’t have to be complicated. Don't settle for bulky & disjointed modules, long hours of implementation, and rip-off prices. Securden with its modern, intuitive interface brings together unified PAM capabilities under one roof and simplifies implementation. Choose Securden and go live in just 14 days.

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You will not be limited by the number of privileged identities you can manage, get a license only based on the number of users. Experience a full-featured PAM solution with clear, all-inclusive pricing. No add-ons or in-app purchases.

One Solution for Unified Access Governance

You will get a holistic solution that hands you complete control over privileged access. Combine privileged account & session management (PASM) and endpoint privilege management (EPM) to eliminate internal and external threats.

Simple and Secure

You will get a simple and effective solution that is designed to be completely do-it-yourself. You don’t have to hire a resource just to manage Securden. Equipped with industry best encryption algorithms, Securden keeps your data safe.

Features Securden BeyondTrust
Identity Management
Secure, centralized repository Yes Yes
Manage shared admin passwords Yes Yes
Granular sharing Yes Yes
Storing documents, files, images, digital identities Yes Yes
Option to hide the actual passwords, but allow only direct login. Yes Yes
Automatic discovery of IT assets & privileged accounts Yes Yes
Periodically synchronizing assets and accounts Yes Not Known
Automated, periodic password resets Yes Yes
Custom templates for resetting the passwords of any SSH device Yes Yes
Store, associate and manage SSH keys Yes Yes
Windows service accounts and dependencies management Yes Yes
Password release control workflow Yes Yes
Just-in-time elevated access Yes. Readily available in the single package. Yes
Password security policy enforcement Yes Yes
Remote Access and Session Management
Launch remote connections (RDP, SSH, SQL, and website connections) Yes Yes
Session establishment without showing underlying passwords Yes Yes
Web-based remote connections Yes Yes
Session establishment using native tools Yes Yes
Session recording and playback Yes Yes
Monitoring ongoing sessions in parallel Yes Yes
Integrate with a single point of access (gateway/jump server/Management VLAN) to manage critical assets. Yes Yes
Application Password Management / APIs
Application-to-Application (A-to-A), Yes. Through RESTful APIS. Yes
Application-to-Database (A-to-DB) Password Management to eliminate hard-coded passwords. Ability to use access the password safe via script/API to eliminate the need for hard coded passwords in applications. Yes Yes
Comprehensive set of APIs Yes Yes
Least Privilege Management / On-Demand Privileges / Privileged Elevation and Delegation
Remove admin rights across Windows endpoints and servers Yes Yes (through the Privilege Manager product)
Elevate applications for standard users on-demand Yes Yes
Application control on endpoints Yes Yes
Provision for granting temporary admin rights Yes Yes
Allowing technicians to perform operations on end-user machines with standard privileges Yes Yes
Support for command filtering and SUDO controls Yes Yes
Audit, Reports and Notifications
Text-based audit trails Yes Yes
Session recordings Yes Yes
Expiration notifications Yes Yes
Event notifications Yes Yes
Triggering automated follow-up actions upon the occurrence of specific events Yes Not Known
Standard reports Yes Yes
Passwords security analysis report Yes Not Known
Provision to export reports and schedule automated delivery of reports Yes Yes
Integration with AD/Azure AD Yes Yes
Integration with SIEM solutions Yes Yes
Integration with ticketing systems Yes Yes
SAML 2.0-based SSO integration Yes Yes
Smartcard integration Yes Yes
Deployment, Backend Database, Product Architecture
All-in-one package with built-in database. Yes No
On-prem, private cloud deployments Yes Yes
Optional use of MS SQL Server as backend Yes Yes
Secure gateway-based approach for remote connections, sessions Yes Yes
Multiple application servers for load distribution Yes Not Known
Multiple domains support Yes Yes
Distributed server deployment architecture Yes Yes
Zero Trust security architecture through privilege elevation and delegation, least privilege enforcement Yes Yes
Built-in high-availability and disaster recovery Yes Yes
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Yes Yes
Provision for granting restricted access over the internet through secure, certificate-based Aauthentication Yes Not Known
Web-based access to endusers Yes Yes
CLI access Yes Yes
Browser extensions Yes Yes
Mobile apps Yes Yes
Secure offline access Yes Not Known

Disclaimer: This comparison sheet has been prepared based on the information available in the respective websites of other vendors. If you find any discrepancies in the details, write to Securden Support. We will carry out corrections.

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