Privileged Password Manager for Businesses

Secure privileged access across devices, applications and networks in your organization.

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Key Features
for Businesses

Consolidate privileged credentials

Discover and add all your business credentials, like passwords, SSH keys, DevOps secrets, and sensitive files, to a centralized vault.

Enforce security best practices

Create and enforce password policies to reflect business password compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, etc.

Enforce multi-factor authentication

Integrate with MFA solutions like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Security, RADIUS Authentication, Mail OTP, and physical options like YubiKey.

Share easily and securely

Share business resources among team members with granular access controls. Grant access without revealing underlying credentials.

One-click remote access to IT assets

Allow users to launch remote connections to enterprise IT assets without revealing the underlying credentials.

Comprehensive audit trails

Ensure accountability on shared business passwords using comprehensive audit trails that associate each action with the corresponding user.

Business Password Manager

Why do you need a
business password management solution?

Hackers continue to seek out privileged passwords and the growth in the number of privileged identities shows no sign of slowing down. Password based attacks such as credential spraying, stuffing, brute force attacks take advantage of poor password hygiene followed by businesses. In large businesses and enterprises, the number of devices used by employees is enormous, and the number of passwords in use is even more significant. Siloed approach to business password management, which involves teams having their own password storage methods will do more harm than good to the business. Credentials stored centrally will help better enforce business password management best practices and help manage access among teams.

A comprehensive record of all privileged activities will go the extra mile in ensuring accountability for activities performed on shared accounts in your enterprise. A business password manager will also help you demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and compliance requirements. Drilled-down, modular, and customizable reports that help your enterprise become audit friendly.

Benefits of deploying a business password manager

Enhanced Security, Simplified Control

  • Improved security

    A business password manager helps replace passwords stored on sticky notes, spreadsheets, and text files where they are left vulnerable and exposed. Securden provides encrypted storage for all business passwords, which helps manage the explosion in the number of digital identities that came up with the rapid digitization of businesses.

  • Easy accessibility

    Managing shared business passwords has always been a huge challenge. Multiple teams that need the same resource can easily use the shared password. Comprehensive audit trails help associate privileged activities with users to ensure accountability.

  • Compliance ready

    Businesses often face the challenge of complying with industry standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, NIST, ISO, GDPR, and NERC-CIP. Almost all standards recommend enforcing multifactor authentication, deploying access controls, and maintaining a record of privileged activities. Securden helps you enforce every recommended business password management best practice and become compliance-ready with drilled-down reports.

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