Securden Vs Admin By RequestBid adieu to cumbersome and bulky PAM solutions.

PAM doesn’t have to be complicated. Don't settle for bulky & disjointed modules, long hours of implementation, and rip-off prices. Securden with its modern, intuitive interface brings together unified PAM capabilities under one roof and simplifies implementation. Choose Securden and go live in just 14 days.

Why Choose Securden?

Securden EPM offers privilege management through granular control policies and tackles a comprehensive set of use cases for users to elevate access as opposed to ABR, which offers only basic elevation on a single deployment model.

Features Securden Endpoint Privilege Manager Admin By Request
Installation and Deployment
Deployment Model On-Prem / Self-Hosted / SaaS SaaS
Intuitive and easy deployment Yes Yes
High scalability Yes Yes
Light-weight agent on end user machine Yes Yes
Devices Management
Discover windows endpoints Yes Yes
Discover privileged processes (Win) Yes Not known
Discover privileged applications (Win) Yes Yes
Non domain devices support Yes Yes
Mac device support In development pipeline Yes
Linux agent support Yes Yes
User and Application Discovery
Enable/disable computers Yes Not known
Local admin rights removal Yes Yes
Local user group management Yes No
Local admin password rotation (LAPS) Yes, available in Unified PAM Limited (Only break-glass alternative is provided)
Endpoint Privilege Management
Flexible approval workflows (end user justification for elevated access) Yes Yes
Automatic approval policies Yes Yes
Elevate applications for standard users Yes Yes
Elevate through UAC prompt Yes Yes
Elevate control panel items Yes Yes
On demand application elevation Yes Yes
Time-limited application elevation Yes No
Technician access management Yes (Technician will only get standard user rights) Yes
Duration-based application/admin access Yes No
Temporary, monitored full admin access Yes Yes
Application Control
Allowlisting and blocklisting (policy based elevation) Yes Yes
Flexible policy enforcement Yes Yes
SIEM for syslogs Yes Yes
Real-time notification Yes Yes
Offline Scenarios
Policy based elevation Yes Yes
On demand elevation using temporary access codes Yes Yes
Activity monitoring in elevated offline sessions Yes Yes
Enforce time restriction when elevating privileges using offline codes Yes Not known
Allow users to gain offline access by using automatic approvals Yes Yes
Auditing and Compliance Reporting Capabilities
Centralized privileged management auditing Yes Yes
Centralized user activity auditing Yes Yes
Admin rights analysis Yes Yes
Application and process auditing Yes Yes
Agent on endpoints report Yes Yes
Custom reports Yes Yes
Scheduled reporting Yes Yes
Cloud storage export for reports Yes No
Active Directory Yes Yes (Limited)
Azure Active Directory Yes Yes
MFA and TOTP tools Yes Yes
Ticketing system/Helpdesk Yes Yes
Malware scan - Integrate with third-party tools to vet applications before granting elevated access Yes Yes
Enterprise Ready Capabilities
High Availability settings Yes Yes
Multiple language support Yes Yes
Load balancing Yes Yes
Customize email templates for privilege elevation requests and mail OTPs Yes Not known
Uninstall the agent via command prompt Yes Not known
Log out of the web interface using SAML SSO integration Yes No
Anti-tamper mechanism - Prevent users from tampering with endpoint agents or creating duplicate admin accounts Yes Yes

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