Security is Paramount

It is your data and we are not taking chances with security.

Security Partner

Thoroughly validated and certified as "robust and secure" by third-party security experts.

More than 40 years of combined experience in core IT security has gone into the design and development of the Securden platform. Yet, we did not want to take any chances with the security of the solution.

Prior to launching the solution, we submitted the product for security validation by Agile Information Security Limited, a firm specialising cyber security in the United Kingdom.

Agile Infosec performed various injection tests, privilege separation tests, database checks, permission checks and many other techniques to break the application security model. The tests were performed on the following components of Securden:

  • Web application
  • Authentication mechanism
  • Encryption mechanism
  • Agent functionality
  • Database storage
  • User privilege separation
Security specialists of Agile Infosec state in their report:

"Our attacks did not succeed in taking over the application or accessing the stored passwords and confidential data.

The Privileged Access Security Platform application appears well built and thought of from a security point of view. The application has a very good overall security posture, above what is the industry standard for similar products.

There were no critical vulnerabilities found while testing all the application. A total of eight vulnerabilities were found, one High risk and the rest Medium or Low risk. These vulnerabilities were communicated to Securden, which promptly released a new version fixing all the issues found."