Enterprise-grade Password Manager for MSPs

Protect and manage the passwords of all your clients from a central repository. Automate password security best practices. Control and audit all access. Reduce the risk of data breaches and win the trust of your customers.

Designed for Password Security, Crafted for MSPs

More than 80% of the data breaches occur due to identity thefts. MSPs dealing with the IT assets of clients should securely store and manage the passwords with complete data segregation. Securden provides an easy-to-use platform to centrally manage and protect passwords ensuring data privacy and robust access controls.

  • Discover
    Discover and consolidate client passwords to a secure vault

    Discover devices and securely store all logins, including local, domain, service, application and system administrator account passwords, keys, documents, and other identities in a highly available, access controlled central vault.

    Granularly control which technician gets access to what

    Define ownership for accounts and granularly control access. Ensure that technicians get access only to the data pertaining to the clients they manage.

  • Automatic periodic Password Changes
    Automate periodic password changes

    Automatically reset the passwords of IT assets at periodic intervals and assign strong, unique passwords. Significantly reduce the security risks arising due to identity thefts.

    Ensure just-in-time access without revealing passwords

    Provide your remote users and third-parties secure, one-click native or web-based RDP, SSH, SQL access to servers, databases, devices and applications without VPN. Ensure a centrally controlled, audited, just-in-time access that is simple and scalable.

  • Audit Icon
    Audit, monitor, record activities, sessions

    Track which individual IT staff has access to which account. Monitor sessions with full controls. Record sessions for forensics. Enforce policy-based controls. Gain visibility on activities through audit trails and reports.

    Enterprise-ready capabilities. Flexible deployment options. Quick time to value

    Readily integrates with enterprise infrastructure and a variety of single sign on solutions. Can be quickly deployed on-prem or on private cloud. Inbuilt high availability and disaster recovery provisions.

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20th Century Studios
Little Fish
Sydney Opera House
Harvard Medical School
Security Federal Bank
Dutrac Community Credit Union
Benchmark Insurance
Fast Med Urgent Care
Americal Board of Internal Medicine
Kdgok Corporation
Topy America
Krafton Union Beach
Brisbane Markets
Challenge Manufacturing
Emerson Impact Partner
Sullivan County Catskills
City Lake Worth Beach
North Sydney Cover
Porsecutor Bergen County
Shawnee Mission
Kern County
Public Utilities Board

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