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As organizations grow, the IT also grows exponentially. The IT assets grow not just in number, but also get distributed across multiple networks and geographies. Though the networks are distributed, IT teams often face the need for a centralized password management. The password security and access management solution should be robust and scalable to handle the complexities of a rapidly growing, distributed environment.

Securden Password Vault helps manage such complicated environments with the provision to deploy multiple application servers. The process is quite simple and can be ramped up or down as per specific needs.

Manage IT assets distributed across multiple networks

If your IT assets or privileged accounts are distributed across multiple networks, you can manage all of them by deploying multiple application servers. All remote operations are tunnelled through a common, secure gateway.

Efficiently handle increased workload

When the number of users grows resulting in an increase in concurrent operations, you can spin a new application server in no time to distribute the load.

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