Customer Success Story

Global charitable organization streamlines its password lifecycle management processes across 80 locations using Securden

Complex infrastructure, distributed teams

A renowned charitable organization having IT establishments in multiple locations across the globe has secured the sensitive passwords of its complex IT infrastructure using Securden.

The teams, working from over 80 locations, many of them remotely, were keeping their own password databases (homegrown tools, spreadsheets, and text files) to access the IT resources.

Numerous password management challenges

This approach led to various issues ranging from unnecessarily granting full access to everyone, having to refer to multiple files to locate the credentials, system lockouts due to outdated passwords, and much more.

There was no track on who had access to what systems and it made things difficult when an IT staff member left the organization - they had to manually change the passwords. There was no centralized control over the data. Teams were dealing with data silos.

How Securden helped streamline the processes?

The IT department realized that their password lifecycle management involved manual approaches and was creating security holes. They wanted to streamline the entire process before things went out of control.

They chose Securden, self-hosted it on Azure, and today, the organization has a secure, centralized, monitored, fully managed, and highly available password management system in place. Access to passwords is granularly controlled, which in turn controls access to the critical IT systems. The IT team is enforcing its policy for password management. Securden has fully automated the process with reports on compliance status, identification of weak passwords, and tips to make them strong.

Read the case study to learn more.

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