Secure Remote Access Without VPN

Provide your remote users and third-parties secure, one-click access to servers, databases, devices and applications without VPN. Ensure a centrally controlled, audited, just-in-time access that is simple and scalable.

privilege Access Manager

Securden PAM for Remote Administrative Access

Using Securden Unified PAM, you can grant your remote workforce, including IT administrators, and third-party technicians secure administrative access to internal IT assets that are kept behind corporate firewalls. Eliminate the need for VPN and enable them to launch native or web-based RDP, SSH, SQL connections with Windows, Unix servers; managed desktops; internal web applications; MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL databases; AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms; switches, routers, firewalls, and other SSH devices from any operating system and from anywhere. Ensure that users get access only to specific IT assets for a specified time duration fortified through MFA, comprehensive auditing and alerts, session monitoring and recordings.

One-click Remote Access

Users can launch remote connections with the required IT assets in a single click without disclosing the underlying password.

Restricted Access

Restrict administrative access only to specific IT assets, systems based on job roles, responsibilities, and business needs.

Connections without VPN

Launch remote connections with specific IT resources from anywhere without a VPN. Eliminate the traffic issues and complexities of VPN.

Native Client Applications

Launch secure remote sessions with target IT assets using native RDP, SSH (PuTTY, SecureCRT, etc.), and SQL client applications.

Web-based Sessions

Option to launch fully browser-based RDP, SSH connections with target resources without installing any agents on endpoints.

AD Authentication

Leverage the authentication mechanism of existing directory services like Active Directory and federated identity stores to grant access to IT resources.

Zero Trust and MFA

Ensure that only legitimate users gain access to systems through the Zero Trust Security model and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Jump Host as Gateway

Route all remote connections through a jump host and thereby eliminate direct connections between end-user machines and target resources.

Monitor, Collaborate, Record

Monitor sessions with full controls. Intervene to terminate sessions or collaborate when a colleague needs assistance. Record sessions for forensics.

Trusted by businesses of all types and sizes across the globe

20th Century Studios
Little Fish
Sydney Opera House
Harvard Medical School
Security Federal Bank
Dutrac Community Credit Union
Benchmark Insurance
Fast Med Urgent Care
Americal Board of Internal Medicine
Kdgok Corporation
Topy America
Krafton Union Beach
Brisbane Markets
Challenge Manufacturing
Emerson Impact Partner
Sullivan County Catskills
City Lake Worth Beach
North Sydney Cover
Porsecutor Bergen County
Shawnee Mission
Kern County
Public Utilities Board

Simple, Slick, Intuitive

One-Click Convenience, Controlled Access, Increased Security and Enhanced Productivity

Securden Unified PAM offers quick, simple, secure, and seamless remote access for users helping organizations maintain control, ensure security, enhance user experience and productivity.

  • Cross-platform access flexibility for remote employees

    Remote employees can use machines running any operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac) to connect to target machines running any operating system. Users can launch a secure RDP connection from a Mac or Linux machine.

  • Control ‘who’ can access ‘what’, ‘when’, and for ‘how long’

    Define and control which devices a user or a group of users can access, when they can access and for how long. Enforce dual controls through approval workflows and track justifications for access. Terminate sessions if required.

  • Bolster security with remote gateway, zero trust approach, and real-time alerts

    Reduce the risks associated with remote access by routing all connections through a secure gateway. Deploy distributed gateways to route access to multiple private networks. Verify the identity of authorized users through robust MFA standards. Receive notifications when sensitive systems are accessed.

  • Eliminate VPN hassles, ensure seamless access, enhance productivity

    Overcome the operational and security challenges associated with VPN connectivity approach. Ensure secure, seamless, one-click remote access to employees and third-parties without VPN and enhance productivity.

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