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One of Australia’s largest professional sporting leagues regulates vendor privileged access and achieves holistic access security using Securden

Numerous passwords, unrestricted vendor access and local admin rights - A complex challenge

Rugby League is Australia’s most popular community-based sporting league. It is played by hundreds and thousands of athletes and remains the most entertaining league. The rugby competitions are governed by professional leagues.

The league’s telecast of the regional and national level competitions attracts over 100 million television viewers each year. The IT team of such a massive establishment is entrusted with a wide range of responsibilities, including managing their website as well as those of their affiliated clubs and state units, conducting viewer polls, maintaining and compiling player performance statistics, dealing with partners and sponsors, managing membership, and selling tickets.

On a day-to-day basis, the organization’s IT team deals with various cloud workloads, including VMs, databases, containers, and other applications/services hosted on AWS and Azure. This gave rise to the classic access security and password management challenges. In addition, the team was handling many third-party vendors and contractors, who needed privileged access to the IT infrastructure for services commissioning and troubleshooting. With supply chain attacks looming large, regulating and streamlining third-party access became a priority.

Besides, granting local admin rights to developers on their workstations posed security concerns that needed to be addressed.

A unified approach to streamline privileged access

The organization was looking for a panoramic solution to manage its cloud and hybrid infrastructure and to solve its access management challenges. They wanted to avoid juggling between one product for password management, a second product for remote access, and a third one for managing third-party access. Besides this they would require a completely different solution for managing local admin rights on workstations.

They were looking for a solution that offered everything at a price that did not break the bank, as they had a small team. Vendors in the market that offered solutions to these challenges, delivered it in silos, and at a price beyond their budget.

The team came across Securden Unified PAM. On further analysis, the team realized that Securden offered exactly what they wanted, coupled with a modern, user-friendly, and flexible interface.

Today, the team securely manages all access from a central portal. Securden has simplified access to their cloud instances, helped establish granular internal access controls, regulate privileged access to third parties as well as enforce least privilege across the organization.

Securden's solution is more up-to-date and aligned with everyone's expectations of a PAM solution.
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