The password manager for teams of all sizes

Available On-Premise and on the Cloud

Password Manager crafted for IT, DevOps, and Agile Teams.

Securden Password Manager is designed to centrally store, manage and organize your team passwords. Control ‘who’ can access ‘what’ and continuously monitor and audit all activity.

Teams work great together.

Give teams the freedom they need without compromising on password security. Securden Password Vault lets your crew collaborate and share passwords safely. Provide different levels of password access to team members as and when they require it. All in a hassle-free manner with comprehensive automation capabilities.

Centrally Store Credentials

Centrally store credentials

Whether it’s IT, Support, Sales, Marketing, or DevOps Teams - store all their credentials under a single roof with AES-256 encryption. Track and trace actions and audits to keep your users accountable for their access to data.

Replicate your team structure

Replicate your team structure

Integration with Active Directory lets you onboard your users and user groups with ease. Synchronize with AD to reflect changes such as adding and removing team members.

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Securden Password Manager lets you auto-fill credentials with the help of a browser extension, allowing teams to quickly log into websites that they use regularly.

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Trusted by businesses of all types and sizes across the globe

20th Century Studios
Little Fish
Sydney Opera House
Harvard Medical School
Security Federal Bank
Dutrac Community Credit Union
Benchmark Insurance
Fast Med Urgent Care
Americal Board of Internal Medicine
Kdgok Corporation
Topy America
Krafton Union Beach
Brisbane Markets
Challenge Manufacturing
Emerson Impact Partner
Sullivan County Catskills
City Lake Worth Beach
North Sydney Cover
Porsecutor Bergen County
Shawnee Mission
Kern County
Public Utilities Board

Simplified Administration

The admin dashboard provides an overview of password safety in your organization. The administration is made seamless with :

  • Status of passwords that are close to expiration
  • Overview of credentials that are compliant with the company
    password policy
  • Total number of accounts, users, and their access highlights
Password Policy & Expiration
Manage Password Activity and Eliminate Risks

Effectively mitigate the risks of stolen and breached credentials by maintaining clean password hygiene.

Automate Password Resets

Automate Password Resets

Securden Password Manager automates the process of randomizing passwords periodically. Based on the periodicity defined by you, strong and unique passwords are generated for all accounts.

Track Password

Track Password Usage

Record all password-related activities such as password retrieval, connection establishment, and other activities as audit trails. Generate detailed reports of such activity.

Rotate and Synchronize Passwords

Rotate and Synchronize Passwords

Periodically check password strength and automatically rotate them at intervals. Synchronize passwords with your target devices to maintain accuracy in your team passwords.

Powerful password management - An essential aspect of business security

A network password manager is vital to eliminate internal and external threats, by targeting high-risk areas like privileged password management. Attacks caused by stolen and hacked credentials are drastically reduced and your business can run its operations in an effective, hassle-free manner.
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