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Businesses depend on a large number of web applications and websites for their day-to-day operations. Certain types of users frequently log in to various websites many times every day and continuously keep creating new accounts. Manually copying and pasting the credentials on websites proves to be time-consuming.

Auto-fill credentials and auto-launch connections

Securden Password Vault simplifies the process of logging-in to websites and applications through the auto-launch functionality. It helps in automatically login to websites in a single click. For most of the sites, Securden injects credentials and automatically logs you in. If a website does not allow automatic login, autofill the login fields through Securden’s browser extension and manually submit to login.

Seamlessly add new accounts to Securden

This auto-launch functionality is achieved through Securden browser extensions. Whenever users create new accounts on websites, the browser extensions take care of adding them to Securden.

Secure by design

Securden browser extensions follow the Content Security Policy (CSP) best practices to effectively combat content injection attacks. Inline JavaScript execution and AJAX requests to other sites have been disabled to prevent XSS attacks. The sensitive data held by the extensions cannot be accessed by any external application or other extensions. As soon as the user ends the session or remains idle for a specified time, local data gets completely erased.

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