Industry First Unified PAM
Truly Purpose-built for MSPs

  • Password management
  • Remote IT access & session management
  • Endpoint privilege management

One package to manage privileged access for multiple client environments

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Truly Unified

To enforce complete access governance, MSPs purchase multiple solutions at a premium. We have combined all the required modules into one unified solution.

  • Privileged password management
  • Remote access and session recording
  • Local admin rights management
  • Dynamic privilege elevation
  • Policy-based application control

Truly Purpose-built

Developed and designed in collaboration with top managed service providers to solve their most crucial challenges and offer a straightforward solution that makes their lives easier.

  • Robust multi-tenant architecture
  • Strong data segregation
  • Manage dynamic, complex client networks
  • Top of the line security for your client’s IT assets
  • New revenue stream with PAM as a service

How does Unified PAM MSP help your managed IT service?

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Provide PAM as a service (PAMaaS)

Provide PAM as a service and reduce infrastructure costs for your clients. Capitalize on the fully outsourced or co-managed IT model to generate recurring revenue streams.

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Fortify against internal and external threats

Employ JIT based remote access to third parties and employees. Track and record all activities for complete control. Reduce the attack surface by eliminating external and internal threats.

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Enhanced efficiency

Automate privileged access provisioning to reduce helpdesk load and eliminate unnecessary downtime. Deploy robust privileged access workflows and realize increase in efficiency instantly.

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Become and stay compliant

IT regulations rattle businesses and MSPs alike. Securden Unified PAM helps you and your clients demonstrate compliance with regulations like HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, NIS 2.0, and FINRA.

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Build client trust

Employ a robust, scalable solution that can handle dynamic and flexible client infrastructure and instill confidence in your customers. Win their trust in return!

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One Unified Solution for Complete Access Governance

Explore the core features that help declutter complex networks and establish complete control over privileged access across client environments.

    Discover and manage privileged passwords

  • Discover and add privileged accounts from client networks into an AES 256 encrypted vault.
  • Restrict and control access to the vault through robust role-based access controls and multi-factor authentication.
  • Grant access without revealing underlying credentials.

    Centralized password management

  • Store, organize, and rotate credentials such as passwords, keys, and certificates centrally.
  • Create and enforce password policies mandated by compliance regulations.
  • Automate periodic password resets on remote machines.

    Grant Just-in-Time access

  • Leverage request-release workflow and control 'who' has access to 'what', 'when', and for 'how' long.
  • Terminate access at any time and always stay in control.
  • Share access with concurrency controls and track all activities.

    Launch, monitor, and record sessions

  • Launch RDP, SSH, and SQL connections to remote assets within your native network and assets in the client network.
  • Monitor live sessions to assist end-users and terminate the connection if required.
  • Record sessions along with the corresponding keystroke activities for analysis purposes.

    Single intuitive platform

  • Consolidate and manage privileged identities from a centralized console.
  • Manage your native IT infrastructure and your client’s cloud, on-prem, and hybrid infrastructure from the same interface.
  • Gain streamlined visibility into privileged activities with a dedicated dashboard for each client organization.

    Secure access controls and data segregation for multi-tenancy

  • Restrict access from client network to the PAM server and establish database integrity.
  • Store sensitive data of each client organization separately with robust database segregation.

    Track activities and generate reports

  • Record privileged activities as audit trails and track 'who' did 'what' and 'when'.
  • Generate actionable reports based on the audit trails.
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations such as NIS 2.0, HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA, DPA, and NIST with ease and stay audit friendly.

Thoroughly validated by third-party security experts

IT security specialists from a UK-based firm performed various penetration tests and concluded that Securden is well-built with a top-notch security model. Learn More.


"The overall security posture of the product is very good, and above the industry standard"

-- Experts from Agile Infosec, London.

Built for MSPs handling multiple dynamic client environments

Securden Unified PAM MSP helps managed service providers and managed security service providers control, automate, orchestrate, and govern privileged access across client infrastructures through:

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Scalable multi-tenant architecture

Manage privileged access for tens of hundreds of clients from a single instance. Achieve centralized controls with well-defined access restrictions.

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Strong data segregation

Isolate organizations and ensure data belonging to one client cannot be accessed by other clients while the MSP admins have the option to select and access any client’s data.

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Secure access to client networks

Seamlessly manage remote operations, connections, and recordings on clients’ IT networks without ever opening a port on the client side.

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Diverse infrastructure support

Stay agile with the ability to manage privileged access for on-prem, multi-cloud, and hybrid IT set ups, both in the client and MSP environments.

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True administrative flexibility

Gain flexibility to manage various MSP deployment models. Govern client access holistically from a single instance or offer PAM as a service to clients.

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