Password Manager for Small and Medium Businesses

Password Vault from Securden is an SMB-friendly password management solution that scales as you do.

Small businesses face big threats

According to a Verizon 2022 report, 61% of small and medium businesses encountered a cyber attack in the past year. Stolen and mismanaged credentials remain the dominant factors that drive data breaches and ransomware attacks. SMBs have become attractive targets for cybercriminals, as they lack the security infrastructure that larger enterprises have. A considerable ransom could mean the end for a budding business, small companies often lack cyber insurance or savings. Even with a constrained budget and the absence of a dedicated cybersecurity team, the biggest vulnerabilities can be effectively mitigated using a password management solution.

Data Breaches Cost 2022

Data breaches cost an
average of $3 Million for
SMBs in 2022

Less than 26% of Small
businesses have a cyber
insurance plan

Cyber Insurance Plan 2022

Fortify access to sensitive data

Small businesses deal with shared passwords, files, and other organizational data within and across teams. Securden Password Vault serves as the best password management solution for SMBs as it lets you:

  • Secure and manage passwords, files, keys, and other sensitive data in an encrypted vault.
  • Safely share passwords based on employee roles and requirements.
  • Allow users to access assets and launch connections without revealing the underlying passwords.
  • Auto-fill credentials on websites and applications.
  • Store personal and work passwords and manage them centrally.
  • Generate strong passwords that adhere to your company‚Äôs password policy.

Redefine the way you handle
sensitive passwords

Leverage the best of both worlds

Maintain security best practices inside your organization while solving key password management challenges. Password Vault helps you keep the balance between top-notch security and convenience. All in an intuitive interface that boasts features with deep functionality.

Integrate with MFA, SSO, and SIEM solutions

  • Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security for employees accessing the password vault.
  • Provide your users with a seamless login experience with SAML-based single sign-on solutions.
  • Send syslogs related to password access and management to your SIEM solution to obtain actionable insights.

Stay on the lookout for threats

  • Gain visibility over password hygiene in your organization with the administrative dashboard, activity audits, and detailed reports.
  • Actively monitor the dark web for breached passwords.
  • Set alerts and notifications for events occurring in the vault.

Enable a remote workforce

  • Launch RDP, SSH, and SQL connections to remote IT assets.
  • Launch remote connections to any custom application.
  • Autofill credentials on websites to increase operational efficiency in your organization.

Supervised Just-in-Time access

  • Automate access requests for users using a self-service portal and reduce helpdesk involvement.
  • Monitor all password access with the ability to revoke access if and when required.

Eliminate hardcoded credentials

  • Allows scripts, applications, and configurations to retrieve data from Securden using APIs, thus eliminating the need for hardcoded credentials.
  • APIs allow the management of non-human identities like keys, machine identities, and others. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be achieved using Vault APIs.

Better equip cross-functional teams

  • Small businesses often have teams working across multiple locations with various job responsibilities. Securden ensures the right amount of access to the right user at the right time.
  • Determine who gets access to what and administer granular access control.
  • Provide employees just-in-time access to applications and passwords to maintain a zero-trust system across your company.
Deploy Password Vault on-premise
or on the cloud

Password Vault is intuitive and easy to deploy on the cloud (SaaS) or on-premise and requires no special training for implementation.

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Switching from an existing password manager? No problem. Password Vault from Securden ensures an easy transition with multiple import options.

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