Balasubramanian Venkatramani

Oct 29 · 3 min read

Securden vs. Competitors: A Story of Point-and-Click Simplicity vs. Complex, Illusory Superiority

The story of how a large government agency eliminated admin privileges on endpoints and implemented on-demand application elevation using Securden in less than 60 minutes after struggling for over two weeks even to get started with competing vendors.

Enterprise IT management is inherently complex. IT managers perform the unenviable task of securely managing their infrastructure. Looking for solutions to specific pain-points, they turn to IT management software from various vendors. In most cases, while solving particular problems, the IT management software, in turn, introduces additional complexities and challenges to the already burdened IT team.

Enterprise IT vendors follow Ohm's law: the pricing of a product is directly proportional to the software’s complexity. As a result, they wish to create an illusion of complexity and operate around that. The process of obtaining the solution, deploying, and running all depends on high-touch consultancy services. They package a massive list of features, which the teams would hardly use. They charge a super-premium price.

But the harsh truth is that Enterprise IT management software can be devoid of all complexities and be simple, intuitive, and straightforward. It can ease the burden of IT managers instead of creating complexities.

This is exactly what we have successfully achieved at Securden.

Trial Deployment: Two Weeks of Struggle Vs. Success in 60 Minutes

A few weeks ago, we got an evaluation inquiry from one of the USA’s most prominent government agencies. Their requirement was to manage permissions on endpoints effectively. The end-users don’t have administrator privileges. The users approached the internal IT help desk for various needs like software installation, running specific programs, etc. The help desk found it challenging to manage a growing number of such requests. The process and the delay were creating frustration for users.

The government agency was looking for a solution that would allow end-users to run approved software seamlessly and elevate new applications on-demand with complete controls, monitoring, and audits.

The service desk team shortlisted three vendors for a PoC - Securden and two others.

Click, click, click, … done!

Soon after receiving their request for a PoC, we sent all details required for an evaluation by email first. About 60 minutes later, our presales engineer called the IT services support specialist in charge of the assessment. He aimed to have a preliminary discussion for a PoC with them.

Surprisingly, the IT services support specialist at the other end conveyed that he had already completed the PoC! He had deployed the solution on an internal server, pushed agents on endpoints, discovered the applications running on those machines, created application control policies, and even tested from a few endpoints - ALL WITHIN 60 MINUTES, without any sort of assistance from our side.

Securden Endpoint Privilege Manager was pretty straightforward. It was simply like click, click, click … and I was all set” -- these were very words the support services specialist told our presales.

He also revealed that he was working with the other two vendors for over two weeks, yet the PoC had not even started. The deployment required several prerequisites.

The other two vendors are reputed players. They have been in the market for a long time. Their products, without a doubt, are good. Unfortunately, they carry the legacy burden that makes enterprise IT complicated, expensive, and disjointed besides forcing organizations to endlessly rely on consultancy services. They create an impression that complexity means superiority and thereby attach a hefty price tag.

No need to live with complexity and accept rip-off prices

While it is not possible to entirely remove IT management’s complexity, organizations can certainly avoid complicated software. We, at Securden, strive to make IT management fun through point-and-click simplicity. We don’t create a false impression of ‘complex-superiority.’ Instead, we take pride in simplifying things and prevent customers from being ripped off.

If you are struggling with privileged access management (PAM) issues, take a look at Securden suite of products - Password Vault for Enterprises, Privileged Access Manager and Endpoint Privilege Manager. You will be up and running in 30 minutes!

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