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Looking for a Passwordstate

Switch to Securden Unified PAM now and get a 1-year free subscription.

Passwordstate, an enterprise password manager developed by Click Studios, suffered a supply chain attack between April 20 and April 22. The company notified its customers over email and warned them to reset any passwords which were stored in Passwordstate.

In an advisory statement published on April 24, Click Studios said the attackers used sophisticated techniques to compromise Passwordstate’s update functionality. Once installed, the malicious updates established contact with the attacker's server to fetch a malware ("upgrade_service_upgrade.zip") that extracted Passwordstate data and exported the information back to the attacker's CDN network.

If you are a Passwordstate customer disappointed over the recent developments and are looking for a secure, reliable alternative, we recommend you to check out Securden Unified Privileged Access Manager (PAM).

Securden Unified PAM - a one-stop solution for privileged access security

Securden’s Unified PAM is a full-featured privileged access security solution that helps IT teams securely store, protect, and automate the management of all high privileged account passwords, keys, and identities. It enables IT administrators to centrally control, audit, monitor, and record all access to critical IT assets and thereby reduce risks related to privileged access.

In a single package, Securden Unified PAM delivers:

Easy to switch

Securden makes it easy to import your data from any password manager or privileged access manager like Passwordstate. You can use the export function in Passwordstate to create a CSV file of your data and import the file into Securden Unified PAM.

Securden also comes with a powerful discovery engine that automatically discovers various types of devices, IT assets, and privileged accounts present in your network during deployment.

Easy to deploy. Point-and-click simplicity

It takes only a few minutes to deploy the software package and get started. Securden bundles everything needed - you don’t require any other hardware or software to get started. Securden is simple, intuitive, and straightforward all the way.

Dependable, dedicated tech support

A team of technical support experts ready to assist you and ensure that you derive the full value out of the product, during your implementation stage and throughout your journey.

Switch to Securden and get a 1-year free subscription

If you are looking to switch from Passwordstate, we would offer a 1-year subscription to Securden Unified PAM, absolutely free of cost. No strings attached, no credit cards required, no obligation on your part.

How to get the 1-year license?

Just email us proof of your Passwordstate usage (like a screenshot of the license key) to eval@securden.com. We will provide you with an equivalent license key. Alternatively, you can fill this form.

What happens after 1-year?

If you are happy with the product, you may purchase a subscription. If not, you may simply let the free license key expire.

For more information

Write to us at eval@securden.com. You may also view a demo video or schedule a demo with us or start a 30-day trial now.

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