Securden Privileged Account Manager Features

Privileged Session Management

When administrative access is granted to sensitive IT assets, it becomes imperative to monitor the activities of users. Abuse or misuse of legitimate access often results in serious data breaches. Recording privileged sessions prove to be an effective way to keep a tab on activities.

To minimize security risks, privileged access should be completely controlled and closely monitored. Securden Unified PAM ensures security in the entire process. Right from granting remote access with various controls, tracking activities with trails and session recordings, and real-time monitoring of sensitive sessions, Securden Unified PAM serves as a complete privileged session management solution.

Launching Remote Sessions

Securden Unified PAM allows users to launch RDP, SSH, and SQL sessions in a single click. Administrators can choose not to disclose the underlying passwords when granting remote access. This ensures not only security but also improves efficiency.

Just-in-time Access

While ensuring security and productivity in remote access, Securden also helps in granting just-in-time administrative access to critical systems. Access is granted based on request-release controls. Typically, users will have to raise a request for access, which is verified by the administrator. Upon approval, users get time-limited access just in time of their need.

Session Recording and Playback

Once users launch remote sessions from the GUI, the entire session can be recorded. The recordings are securely stored centrally and can be replayed anytime using the playback options. Authorized users can search for the required recording based on various parameters such as an address, username, or even by command or an event that was performed during the session. When something goes wrong, the session recording greatly helps in forensic audits.

Trace Actions using Keystrokes and Commands

The recorded sessions are often lengthy. When doing forensic analysis, it will be time-consuming to sit and view the entire recording. Securden allows you to filter and trace specific actions based on text commands and keystrokes.

Real-time Monitoring with Complete Controls

While session recording helps in forensic audits, real-time session monitoring allows tracking sensitive sessions in parallel with complete controls.

Administrators can monitor any ongoing session and track what the user is doing. If any suspicious activity is found, the session can be terminated. On the other hand, administrators can join the session and collaborate if the user requires some assistance.

Real-time session monitoring helps in ensuring security while granting administrative access to trusted third parties like contractors and vendors. Securden administrators will retain complete controls and can monitor activities live. In addition, organizations get an indelible trail of activities, which help fix accountability issues

Remote Gateway for Additional Security

By default, Securden Unified PAM ensures that there is no direct connectivity between end-user machines and target IT assets. Securden server acts as the gateway and all remote connections are tunneled through that. For enhanced security, Securden allows you to designate any hardened host as the remote gateway. All remote connections, operations, and session recordings can be routed through the gateway.