Securden Privileged Account Manager Features

Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management

Reduce risks posed by over privileged users or machines by providing them only the required access to complete their job based on defined roles in your organization. Ensure zero standing privileges (ZSP) and streamline access requirements using JIT privileges.

Zero standing privileges is a security practice that advocates against granting of permanent access especially to critical IT assets. However In today's business environment, over provisioned or unregulated access is one of the major causes leading to abuse of sensitive data. Therefore the solution lies in granting only time limited restricted access to resources as and when they require based on business justification and approvals. A PAM solution incorporating Just in time access model (JIT) ensures just that.

Implement Zero Standing Privileges Using Just-In-Time Access (JIT)

Securden Unified PAM allows users to launch RDP, SSH, and SQL sessions in a single click. Administrators can choose not to disclose the underlying passwords when granting remote access. This ensures not only security but also improves efficiency.

JIT ensures privileged access to only those who really need it and only for a limited time. By providing just enough access for the users to complete their business tasks, this model helps to implement least privilege principle. Once the time limit expires, the access is revoked ensuring no one gets permanent access thus upholding the principle of zero standing privileges (ZSP).

Session Recording and Playback

By minimizing the user's time exposed to sensitive data and by keeping the number of privileged accounts to a minimum, You are effectively cutting down the risks of cyber security incidents in your organization.

To make the process more efficient, Securden Unified PAM provides an automated approval workflow that eliminates the time consuming manual process of filling forms and email follow ups to gain privileged access.

Real-time Monitoring with Complete Controls

With Unified PAM, you can monitor privileged sessions and terminate them at any time over any suspicious activities, record and log audit trails, track who raised the access request, who has approved or denied access, and what has been accessed by whom and when. This makes auditing and meeting compliance easier to manage.