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Active Directory (including Azure AD) is one of the most commonly used tools for user/resource management, user provisioning, and authentication. By integrating Securden with AD, you can leverage existing controls and policies in your organization, thereby saving a lot of time onboarding users to Securden.

Onboard users; synchronize automatically

You can import all or specific users from AD and add them to Securden. Besides, you can keep the user database in Securden in synchronization with the AD.

With the continuous synchronization, new users get automatically onboarded upon addition to AD. Similarly, when users get deleted or disabled in AD, the same gets reflected in Securden.

Maintain the same group structure as in AD

IT divisions spend a lot of time creating groups in AD to handle permissions and security settings effectively. For ease of administration, you can replicate the same group structure in Securden. The same structure makes it simple to grant appropriate access to credentials for different teams and business units within your organization.

Leverage AD authentication

Once you integrate AD, you can leverage the active directory’s authentication and single sign-on capabilities for handling access to Securden. If the users are already logged into their AD account, they can automatically access the Securden web-interface.

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