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When something goes wrong in IT organizations, there arises the need for finding out ‘who’ did ‘what,’ which eventually caused the issue. A documented record of all activities at a user level becomes critical for running forensic audits. It is also necessary to satisfy internal or external compliance or audit mandates. Organizations need not only trails but also actionable reports.

Comprehensive activity trails

Securden Password Vault helps you maintain a complete trail of activities, including password access and changes across the organization. It captures all activities automatically in the form of audit trails. You can review, analyze, and find ‘who’ did ‘what’ and ‘when’ through a unified view. Besides, you can also gain security insights with various analytical reports.

Granular visibility on activities

The trails are classified into two categories – account activities and user activities. This captures activities at a granular level. You can find what a user has done and what actions a device has undergone.

Filter data and generate custom reports

You can search and filter specific data from the trails, create a custom view, and generate that as a report for further analysis. The report provides you the specific data you need.

Receive alerts on critical activities

You can receive alerts upon the occurrence of specific events. For example, when someone deletes a record, you can receive a notification instantly and take corrective action as needed.

Export audit logs

Export audit logs and generate reports in PDF, CSV, or XSLX format. You can also create a scheduled task to export the reports periodically.