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Reporting is an essential part of IT security administration. IT teams must get an in-depth view of the state of password security and password vault usage within the organization. Also, auditors demand reports on password-related operations to ascertain if you comply with various IT regulations. The reports should be informative, intuitive, and actionable to prove useful.

Organization-wide visibility

Out-of-the-box reports provided by Securden help you gain organization-wide visibility and actionable security insights on IT access. You can create a scheduled task to export the reports periodically and mail them to various stakeholders within the organization.

Keep track of user access

You can find ‘who’ has access to ‘what’ IT assets and applications in a single click. When an employee leaves the organization, you can generate a report on the passwords accessed by that user, deprovision, and a reset.

Check compliance status

The organizations that are required to comply with various regulations need to submit reports to auditors. You can automate that task using Securden. Once you define your organization’s password policy, Securden enforces the policy and gets you the compliance report. In the case of violations, the report suggests remedial measures too.

Analyze passwords from a security perspective

Securden Password Vault carries out a comprehensive analysis of the passwords stored in the application and provides an independent strength assessment. It checks if users are reusing passwords on multiple accounts, recycling old passwords, use weak or easy-to-remember passwords, dictionary-based passwords, and so on. It also provides a strength score and suggests remedial measures.