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Expiration alerts, events notifications

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Timely alerts play a vital role in taking specific actions that could prevent issues, potential threats, and security breaches. The alerts should be both informative and actionable. Securden precisely offers this.

Real-time alerts

Securden Password Vault sends real-time notifications upon the occurrence of various events. For example, when someone is deleting an account or modifying it, you will receive information instantly.

Expiration notifications

You can set password age and configure notifications to alert users about password expiration and prompt them to change passwords.

Flexibility to choose specific events

You can choose to receive (or send) notifications either for all events or only for certain specific events. Securden captures the trails in detail, and you can select the ones you need.

Choice of instant alerts and consolidated daily emails

While you can choose to receive instant notifications for highly sensitive events, you can configure daily notifications that cover other desired events for your review.