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End-users use computers running different operating systems. Also, there are situations when they have to work when they are not at their desks. Enabling users to access the password manager from any platform is critical for maintaining productivity and security.

Secure access using any device, any OS

Securden Password Vault offers the convenience of accessing the web-interface from devices running any operating system. Users can use machines running any operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac) and access their passwords through a web interface. A simple yet sophisticated web interface provides the same user experience on any device. Additionally, Securden also provides Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone) apps for mobile access.

Cross-platform access flexibility for remote employees

Remote employees can use machines running any operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac) to connect to target machines running any operating system. For example, users can launch a secure RDP connection from a Mac or Linux machine.

Secure all the way

For web-based access, Securden allows communication only through an HTTPS channel over SSL. And for added security, you can enforce two-step verification and certificate-based authentication.