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Any firm dealing with IT obviously deals with passwords, keys, and other types of credentials. When there are hundreds of IT assets and multiple team members accessing them, problems of coordination and management arise. Passwords are normally kept on spreadsheets, and multiple such files might be circulating around the organization. There is no centralized control or visibility over the data.

Finding the required password when needed, keeping track of ‘who’ has access to ‘what’, controlling access based on job roles and responsibilities, and ensuring password security best practices all become challenging. When proper password management practices are not in place, sensitive passwords and the keys to the IT kingdom could easily fall into wrong hands resulting in unauthorized access.

Securely store

Securden eliminates the spreadsheet approach to password management and helps you securely store all your logins, passwords, keys, documents, and other digital identities in a central vault. All sensitive data are locked up in the digital vault in a fully encrypted form. Administrators get centralized control and define ‘who’ gets access to ‘what’ records.

Get organized

Securden helps you classify your data in different ways enabling you to stay organized. With proper classification, you can keep sensitive information in a proper order, which makes data management efficient.

  • Segregate the accounts as ‘work’ and ‘personal’. While work accounts can be used in a shared environment, ‘personal’ accounts stay purely personal to the individual.
  • Classify the accounts into different types based on logical criteria. Accounts belonging to a particular type will have common characteristics. For example, accounts can be classified based on the OS type (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.), device type (databases, network devices), and other ways.
  • Group the accounts as folders for bulk control, management, and to assign access rights.

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