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Even strong passwords that are kept unchanged for a prolonged period might pave the way for cyberattacks. That is why all cybersecurity best practices and compliance regulations mandate periodically resetting the passwords of IT assets.

Where there are hundreds of accounts, periodic password resets prove to be time-consuming. As a result, IT staff leave the passwords unchanged. Even worse, the same passwords are reused across multiple accounts. A single exposed password can lead to compromising the entire IT infrastructure.

While manual approaches are time-consuming, the only option is to automate the process of periodic password changes. Securden helps you to automatically change passwords of administrative, service, and application accounts periodically.

Securden supports periodic password resets for a wide range of target systems, including operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac), network devices, databases, and others.

Periodically assign strong, unique passwords

Securden automates the entire process of randomizing the passwords periodically. Based on the periodicity defined by you (for example, once in 30 days or 45 days), Securden will randomly generate a strong and unique password for every account, connect to the target system, reset the password. Securden comes with a password generator, which generates strong, unique, and random passwords.

Agentless remote reset process

Securden doesn’t require any agent software to be installed on remote machines to do the password reset process. However, optionally, if your infrastructure so requires, you can deploy a very light-weight agent.

Keep account owners informed of changes

Securden allows you to configure notifications to select users once the password reset process is completed. The respective account owners and other stakeholders will be notified about the reset. They can log in to Securden and access the new password whenever needed.

Automate password reset after every access

Securden allows you to configure approval workflows for highly sensitive accounts. It enables you to grant time-limited access to an IT resource or a password. At the end of the usage period, the password can be automatically randomized, ensuring a higher security level.

Custom SSH templates

Securden can automate the remote password reset of any that can be connected through SSH. This helps you to enable password reset for target systems that are not supported out of the box. Securden offers custom templates, using which you can define the commands or command sequence to be used to carry out the required password reset activity.