Securden Endpoint Privilege Manager

Product Deployment Model and Options

When it comes to deploying a solution for IT security, organizations have different considerations in mind. Securden offers flexible deployment options and ensures security, availability, and reliability in all the options. Securden EPM is delivered as a single binary package, which includes all the components. The product is software-only and the following are the typical deployment options.

On-premises deployment (physical/virtual): Install the product on a central server (physical or virtual) within your premises. The installation process takes only a few minutes and you don’t require any other hardware or software. The product is web-based and you can connect to the server from any operating system just by using any standard web-browser. End-users typically need not have to connect to the web-interface. If they want, they can simply use any standard web-browser. You need to install a light-weight agent on the endpoints.

Cloud deployment on private AWS, Azure clusters: You can deploy Securden on private AWS or Azure clusters and have the cloud experience. The private cloud deployment process is also quite simple and Securden support could help you with the adoption of best practices.

Saas Deployment: We have hosted Securden Endpoint Privilege Manager on public cloud. You can simply sign up and use it as a SaaS solution. All your data will be encrypted and stored in various data centres located in the EU and USA.

If you choose on-premises deployment, the following are the requirements:

Operating System
Recommended: Windows Server 2019
Note: The product can be installed on any machine running Windows Servers 2008R2 and above (64-bit). However, Windows Server 2019 is the recommended one.
Memory and Storage
8 GB RAM and 50 GB Hard Disk Space in each machine.
Backend Database
Recommended: SQL Server 2019
Note: PostgreSQL database is bundled with the product by default. For better performance and scalability, we would recommend using MS SQL Server as the backend database.
Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 and above in endpoints.

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