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Most organizations face the need to provide remote administrative access to IT assets for employees, contractors, and 3rd party vendors. While granting remote access, IT managers face the challenge of striking a balance between convenience and security.

If the access becomes uncontrolled and unmonitored, it paves the way for exploitation by external attackers and malicious insiders. Besides, allowing direct remote access between the end-user machines and the target IT assets might transmit the vulnerabilities all the way upstream.

Remote access that is both secure and seamless

Securden Password Vault enables you to grant your remote workforce secure administrative access to internal IT assets kept behind corporate firewalls. It allows users to launch native or web-based RDP, SSH, SQL connections with remote servers, databases, devices, and applications without requiring a VPN. All connections are routed through the Securden server, ensuring no direct link between the end-user machine and the target device.

Cross-platform access convenience

You can use machines running any operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac) to connect to target machines running any operating system through a simple web interface. Users can launch a secure RDP connection from a Mac or Linux machine.

Users can securely launch native or web-based RDP/SSH/SQL connections with:

  • Windows, Unix servers
  • Managed desktops
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL databases
  • AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms
  • Switches, Routers, Firewalls, and other network devices
  • Any SSH-enabled device

Enhanced security in granting remote access

  • Grant your end-users one-click access to remote machines without revealing the passwords.
  • Monitor the remote sessions in parallel. Intervene to terminate sessions or collaborate when a colleague needs assistance.
  • Apply granular control on ‘who’ can access ‘what’ IT asset ‘when’, and for ‘how long’.
  • Receive notifications when sensitive systems are accessed

Save time and enhance productivity with remote access

  • Launch remote connections in a single click quickly eliminating the need for copying and pasting the passwords.
  • Overcome the traffic issues, complexities, and security challenges associated with the VPN connectivity approach

Record privileged sessions

Record the entire remote sessions and playback them back as videos whenever required. While playing back, search for specific keystroke activities.

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