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One of the essential tasks of IT administrators is to granularly control access to IT assets and applications within the organization. Access control should strictly be aligned with the job roles and responsibilities of individuals. Users belonging to various departments will require administrative access to different IT resources. In enterprise IT environments with a large number of devices and applications, controlling access becomes critical.

IT administrators will have to strike a balance between controls and productivity. Too restricted an environment leads to delays and frustration. Too much flexibility leads to security issues. Manual approaches to controlling access could be cumbersome and error-prone. Tracking access becomes a nightmare.

Securden automates the entire access control process. IT administrators get complete control in granting access to IT assets and revoking permissions as needed. Users get access only to the devices based on their job roles, and IT administrators have complete visibility on ‘who’ is having access to ‘what.’

Access controlled vault

Securden Password Vault serves as a central password repository that is strictly access controlled by design. Users get access only to the passwords created by them and the ones that are shared with them by others.

Role-based access control

IT access control in Securden is intrinsically linked to the user roles. It offers predefined and custom user roles, which carry specific access privileges. Besides, you can create user groups and define access scope at the group level. For example, users belonging to a particular department - say Windows administrators - can be segregated into one or more groups, and each group can be allotted access only to specific Windows assets. This way, you can restrict access to passwords strictly based on job profiles.

Time-limited, temporary access

While establishing access controls, you can also choose to grant time-limited, temporary access to passwords too. This takes care of provisioning temporary access for third-parties and certain categories of users. Besides, you can enforce an additional layer of access control through the request-approval workflow mechanism. To access the passwords of sensitive IT assets, users will have to raise a request justifying the need for access. The account owner or administrator will grant time-limited access.

Secure Sharing

Certain IT assets and applications will have to be used in a shared environment. When granting access to those assets and applications, you can exercise the option to provide access without revealing the underlying password in plain-text.

Verify access through audit trails and reports

While implementing granular controls, you can verify the access scenario across the organization through comprehensive audit trails, reports, and session recordings. In a single click, you will get to know ‘who’ has access to ‘what.’

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