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Login credentials are needed to access IT assets and applications. When the passwords are stored in the centralized password repository, users generally copy the username and password from the password manager to get access to the required devices and applications.

This approach presents two challenges - one from productivity aspect and another from security standpoint:

  • When trying to access an IT resource, users will have to get the credentials, look for appropriate remote access client software and then establish the connection. When multiple resources are to be accessed, it results in wasting a lot of time.
  • When passwords are revealed to the users, sometimes, they tend to paste the passwords on notepad and create local copies. This practice makes the passwords vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Sometimes, even trusted users might turn malicious, access the resource bypassing the password management solution and misuse the passwords to perform unauthorized activities.

The most secure option is to grant one-click access without revealing the passwords. Securden precisely helps achieve this.

One-click remote access without showing passwords

Securden facilitates granular sharing of passwords. Your IT staff can launch one-click remote connections with remote servers, databases, devices, and applications (RDP, SSH, and SQL connections) without viewing the underlying passwords.

Flexibility to mask and reveal passwords selectively

Securden allows you to have the flexibility to mask and reveal passwords selectively for different categories of users. While you would typically allow the senior administrators handling sensitive services to readily view the passwords (if their job responsibilities so warrant) and mask the passwords for others.