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It is becoming increasingly clear that identity theft remains at the root of nearly 80% of cyberattacks. That is why various IT compliance regulations lay stress on password management best practices such as using strong, unique passwords for every account and randomizing them at regular intervals. One of the first steps to ensuring password management best practices is defining a policy and enforcing it. IT organizations need a robust tool to automate these activities.

Define and enforce policies

In Securden, IT managers can define a policy specifying the password strength and complexity requirements, periodicity for password resets, and other conditions. Once you define the policy, Securden helps in enforcing the policy in a fully automated fashion.

Built-in strong password generator

Securden comes with a tool that generates strong passwords based on the policy specified. The Securden password generator automatically assigns strong, unique passwords to the IT assets as per the policy defined. In other cases where automated resets are not possible, you can use the password generator to generate strong passwords, apply them to the respective websites or applications first, and then update the repository.

Define password age and block reuse of passwords

You can enforce periodic password resets by defining ‘password age.’ Securden will send notifications when a password change is due. Wherever automation is possible, Securden randomizes the passwords automatically. When a manual password reset is done, it prevents users from reusing or recycling old passwords.

Choice of predefined and custom policies

You can create a policy that suits your requirements and set that policy as your organization’s default policy. Alternatively, you can make use of the predefined policies offered by Securden too. You can create any number of custom policies and assign them at the Account Types level. For example, you can enforce one policy for Windows servers, another policy for databases, and a different one for web accounts.

Monitor compliance status with actionable reports

After defining policies, you can track the compliance status at the organization level. Securden offers actionable reports that show violations and the remedial measures that are to be taken. You can demonstrate compliance to best practices to auditors.

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