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Web-based Connections, Native Client Sessions

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Securden offers complete flexibility in launching one-click remote connections with target devices. Users get the choice of launching connections simply from browsers and using various native client applications.

Secure, turnkey web-based connections

Users can launch secure remote connections (RDP and SSH) from their browsers in a single-click without installing any agent software on their machines. All they need is an HTML-5 compatible browser.

Remote connections are handled through the Securden server eliminating direct connectivity between the end-user machine and target IT asset. Passwords required for the remote connections need not be present on the end user’s browser.

Native client sessions

Users who feel comfortable using various native client applications for remote operations can continue to use those tools. Securden Password Vault supports launching secure remote connections with target IT assets using native clients.

Some of the native clients supported include:

  • Putty and SecureCRT for SSH connections
  • Microsoft Terminal Server Connection (MSTSC) for RDP Connections
  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for SQL connections

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