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IT teams automate various tasks by creating scripts and scheduled tasks. These scripts interact with different applications and databases and perform various functions like logging in, querying the database, etc. Obviously, there is an authentication mechanism involved and it usually requires login credentials. The credentials are mostly hard-coded in scripts and configuration files. While hard-coding is very convenient, it proves to be one of the dangerous programming practices.

Even if a single hard-coded credential gets exposed, it could potentially jeopardize the entire IT infrastructure. The practice of hard-coding of credentials should be eliminated. You need a robust tool to achieve this.

Eliminate hard-coded credentials

Securden Password Vault helps in completely eliminating hard-coded credentials. Scripts, configuration files, and others can programmatically query Securden and fetch the required credentials at runtime. Securden provides a comprehensive set of APIs for this purpose.

Enforce password security best practices

As credentials are stored in Securden (and not hard-coded on scripts or configuration files), you can easily enforce password security best practices such as assigning strong, unique passwords and periodically resetting them.

A comprehensive set of APIs for automation

Securden presents RESTful APIs for automating any task in the product. You can use the APIs not just to fetch passwords but also to create accounts, add users, add groups, modify attributes, share accounts, and other tasks.

Track API usage

Though APIs help automate tasks without manual intervention, their usage is thoroughly audited. You get a complete trail of activities done using the APIs. Besides, you can review the status of API execution.

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