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IT staff are often on the move. They may not always have access to the password management solution. Besides, with remote work becoming the new norm, end-users are not sitting at a desk and working from their workstations all the time. They need a secure, convenient, and easy way to access accounts and passwords from a password manager when they’re on the go. Otherwise, they will go for convenience over security and create vulnerabilities in your IT security.

Securden offers native mobile apps (iOS and Android) enabling your users to access their passwords from anywhere.

Complete security

Securden stores passwords in the Securden server only. Mobile apps connect to the server and fetch the passwords.

All operations on the go

You can conveniently perform all necessary password management operations from the mobile app, including viewing and changing passwords.

Flexibility to selective grant access

You can allow or prevent mobile access to specific users on a need basis. Administrators have complete control.

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