Securden Password Vault Features

Offline access provisions

When the IT staff and end-users are outside of the corporate intranet, they might require access to the password repository. Sometimes, in restricted environments, users might not have internet access. A reliable way to continuously access passwords, irrespective of connectivity issues, is critical for IT teams. A robust offline access mechanism is needed to tackle such situations.

Secure, encrypted HTML file as an offline client

You can allow users to export their passwords in the form of an encrypted HTML file. The file is encrypted with the passphrase supplied by the users themselves. The passphrase is not stored anywhere. Only the ones who know the key can unlock the file. The offline copy can be opened using any standard web-browser on any device.

Offline copy periodically delivered to your email

The offline copy can be exported anytime on-demand or periodically delivered to your mailbox automatically. You can create a scheduled task for periodic delivery. This way, users will have access to the most recent data in the offline copy.

Selective restrictions on offline access

Administrators can impose selective restrictions on offline access. Users can be selectively permitted to export data for offline access. The settings can be controlled anytime as needed.