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Account Management

Securden provides a centralized credential vaulting facility in which you can add, remove, share, and monitor various privileged credentials that can be used to manage multiple privileged accounts in your organization. To manage the privileged credentials, you need to add them to the vault. You can discover privileged accounts, add them from a file, manually add them to the vault, and import them from other password management solutions.

Discovering Privileged Accounts

Once the users who are going to use Securden PAM are onboarded, the very first thing to do is add all the privileged accounts to PAM for centralized management. One of the effective ways to accomplish this is to discover servers, databases, SSH devices, and network devices and the privileged accounts that are a part of those devices.

To run discovery, navigate to Accounts >> Add >> Discover Accounts.

Account Management

If your Securden instance doesn’t have any account onboard, you can navigate to Accounts >> Discover Accounts.

Account Management

You can run this discovery process on:

  1. Servers running on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms
  2. Databases such as PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and MySQL
  3. Network devices such as Cisco IOS

The subsequent sections explain in detail on how to perform discovery the above mentioned platforms.