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Organize Accounts with Folders

You can create folders and group Accounts for easy and efficient management. At any point of time, a specific account could be a member of only one folder. This means, an account cannot be a member of multiple folders. Grouping accounts into folders lets you perform actions like remote password resets for multiple accounts grouped in the folder at one go. You can also define a hierarchical structure with any number of folders and subfolders.

You can add folders to Securden in two ways:

  1. Add manually
  2. Import from a file

Manually Adding Folders

Navigate to Folders >> Add. Provide the following details to create a folder.

Folder Name

You need to provide a name that uniquely identifies the folder. This name will appear on the left-hand side of the interface. The name will help you distinguish between folders while adding, deleting, and modifying accounts.


You can also provide a description to further help classify the accounts for easy management.

Parent Folder

  • If you want to create a stand-alone folder, leave this option as --None--.
  • If you want to create a new subfolder to an existing folder, you should specify the existing parent folder by choosing the required folder from the drop-down list.

Inheritance of Share Permissions

  • Once you select a parent folder, you will have the option to choose whether to inherit permissions from it or not. Select Yes if you want to inherit permissions. This means that the users and user groups having access to the parent folders will now have access to the subfolder with the same level of access permissions.
  • Select No if you don’t want the subfolder to inherit permissions granted to the parent folder.
  • Choosing to inherit share permission will mean users who have shared access to the parent folder will now have access to the new folder with the same permissions (View/Modify/Manage). But, users with whom you explicitly share the new folder will only obtain access permissions to the new folder.
  • You can choose to switch inheritance On or Off anytime.


  • You can add notes to a folder for classification, marking ownership, and sharing user guidelines.
  • You can also add any miscellaneous remarks related to the folder and its content.

Add Accounts to the Folder

You can add accounts to the folder at the time of creation. An account could remain a member of one folder at a time. This means the same account cannot be added to multiple folders at the same time. Also, note that if inheritance mode is switched on, parent folders and the new folder will have the same share permission. That means, users who have access to the accounts stored in the parent folder(s), will get access to the accounts being added in this step.