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Importing accounts from KeePass

If you are using KeePass and migrating to Securden, you can import your data into Securden. KeePass allows the export of its data in two formats: XML (2.x) and XML (1.x). If you have your data from KeePass in any of these formats, you can import them to Securden using the steps below.

Navigate to Accounts >> Add >> Import from KeePass from the dropdown menu.

Importing Accounts from KeePass

In the GUI that opens, 1. Select the appropriate file format – Either XML (2.X) OR XML (1.X)

Importing Accounts from KeePass

  1. Choose whether the accounts imported should be classified as Work or Personal. (Note: Personal accounts cannot be shared)
  2. Select the account type under which the accounts are to be imported.
  3. Choose and upload the XML file.
  4. When the checkbox Create folders as in KeePass is selected, the folder structure that was maintained in KeePass will be replicated in Securden.
  5. Finally, choose the parent folder from the drop-down list and click Submit.