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Enforcing Ticketing System Validation

Securden integrates with web-based ticketing systems. The integration helps trace specific activities like password retrieval in Securden to corresponding entries in the ticketing system. Securden validates the ticket ID provided by users either by matching the RegEx pattern of the ticket ID or directly accessing the ticketing system through API calls to see if there is a matching ticket found to be open. Out of the box, Securden integrates with Freshservice, Zendesk, and ServiceNow. However, you can integrate with any ticketing system through RegEx pattern validation.

Ticketing System Validation


After configuring ticketing system here, you need to enable it at the account/folder level for the required accounts/folders.

Enabling it at the account/folder level

You can enforce ticket validation for specific accounts through integration with ticketing systems. To enforce ticketing system validation, select the account from the left-hand side of the UI. Navigate to Settings >> Ticketing System.

Once enforced, users will have to provide a valid ticket ID to retrieve the password.

You can exclude specific users or specific groups from ticket validation enforcement. That means, even if ticket validation is enforced, excluded users or groups will be exempted from supplying the ticket ID while retrieving the password.

Ticketing System Validation