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Add Sub Folder

If you click the Folder icon, you will be redirected to the add folder page and the parent folder section will be auto-filled. You will still have to provide the other required information as mentioned in the Manually Adding Folders section.


In this section, you can alter the details of a folder while retaining the accounts added to it. All the details of a folder can be altered. If a folder having subfolders is edited, the new details will be enforced to the subfolders automatically.

Transfer Ownership

You can transfer the ownership of an entire folder to another user instead of transferring the accounts one by one. In such an event, the Transferer will lose access to the accounts in the folder and the Transferee will get complete ownership of the accounts in the folder. The share permissions of other users will not be affected due to an ownership transfer.

Folder Management

By default, Folders can only be transferred to Super Administrators, Administrators, and Account Managers. In the case of users with custom roles, the transferee should have add, edit, delete and share folder permissions.

To transfer the ownership of a folder, select the transferee from the list of users and click Transfer.


When you delete a folder, the accounts within that folder won't be moved to any other folder and will remain as stand-alone accounts. Similarly, all the subfolders within the folder become stand-alone folders.

Folder Management

In Advanced Settings, you can choose to

  1. Delete the accounts inside the Folder.
  2. Delete SubFolders and subsequently delete the accounts in SubFolders.

You can choose to maintain the folders and accounts as stand-alone or move them to the parent folder just above them in case you choose the accounts or the subfolders to not be deleted.

Deleting Multiple Folders

You can delete multiple folders at once. Navigate to Folders >> More >> Delete Folders.

Folder Management

Select the folders you want to delete and click Delete Folders.

Manage Accounts in a Folder

You can add, search, move, and delete accounts by opening any folder for which you have Manage permission. An account can be a part of only one folder at any given time.

When you select a folder, the details such as the Folder Name, Description, Notes, Folder ID, and Owner (User name) will be displayed.

Below these details, the list of all accounts inside the folder will be displayed. The attributes of each account such as Account Title, Account Name, etc will be displayed. You can change which attribute to display by clicking on the Column Chooser icon.

You can view the list in batches of 25, 50, and 100 accounts at a time. To set the preferred batch size click on the drop-down button on the right-hand side of the Showing x to y of y.

Folder Management

Add Accounts

In addition to adding accounts at the time of folder creation, you can add accounts to a folder at any time. You can add accounts to a folder only if it is not already a part of another folder.

Folder Management

To add accounts to a folder,

  1. Click on Add Accounts.
  2. Here you can fetch a list of accounts based on any attribute such as Account Title, Account Name, DNS/IP address, Account Type, Notes, and Tags.
  3. Once you select the attribute, Securden will fetch accounts and display the list of accounts based on its attribute. For example, if you choose DNS/IP address as the attribute, Then a list of all accounts in this DNS/IP address will be displayed for you to select the required accounts..
  4. If you want to clear a selection, click on ‘x’ of the selected account. If you want to clear all the selected accounts, click on ‘Clear all’.
  5. Once the required accounts are selected, Click ‘Save’.

Search Accounts

You can search for accounts based on different attributes. This feature comes in handy when there are numerous accounts inside a folder.

Folder Management

To search for accounts,

  1. Click on the Magnifying glass icon present in Folders >> Accounts.
  2. Give the input attribute(s) to search for.
  3. From the list, you can select the accounts you want. If you want to select all accounts from the search result, click on the checkbox beside Account Title.

Move Accounts

You can move accounts from one folder to another, however an account can only be a part of one folder at a time. The accounts being moved will have the same share permissions and the inheritance preferences of the destination folder.

To move accounts from one folder to another,

  1. Open the folder in which the accounts are currently present.
  2. Select the accounts you want to move.
  3. Click on Move Accounts. Folder Management
  4. In the GUI that pops up, select the destination folder.
  5. Click Move.

Folder Management

Remove Accounts

You can remove the accounts from a folder and make them stand-alone accounts.

To remove accounts from a folder,

  1. Open the required folder.
  2. Select the accounts you want to remove.
  3. Click on Remove Accounts
  4. In the confirmation window, Click OK Folder Management