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User Access Report

To access this report, navigate to Reports >> Standard Reports >> User Access. The User Access Report provides you organization-wide information on the list of access entitlements for a specific user. You can select any user and view the information. The user access report is the inverse version of Account Access reports.

User Access Report

User Access Snapshot

How is the user getting access to an account?

When an account is shared at multiple levels (such as account/folder with user or group), Securden follows the least privilege principle in showing the account. When sharing occurs at multiple levels, at times, you might want to check how the sharing has actually taken effect - how a user is getting access to an account.

You may use Reports >> User Access Report for this purpose. Under the Access Snapshot, you get the details of users along with the accounts they have access to. Once you click on a username, you will be directed to a page that shows account usage statistics, and access details of that user.

If you are taking a User Access Report, click the name of the user (listed under Access Snapshot) who has access to an account you want to verify. Then click the required account name under Access Details

User Access Report - Administrator

You will see a pop-up that shows Trace the sharing mechanism. It shows details regarding the account’s access. Based on this finding, you would be able to take corrective action in case of any discrepancy.

Trace the sharing mechanism