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Session Activities:

All activities performed in a Securden browser session are captured here as audit trails. A session here means the window of activity between login and logout. Every detailed activity from the beginning of the session to the ending is captured.

For instance, If you are an IT admin in your company and you want to know the reason for a particular password issue requested by your employee, you can easily reach out to session activities and view the session from the start to the end and find out the reason.

To get audits from session activities, navigate to Audit >> User Activities.

Session Activities

Filters in Session activities:

You have a couple of filters like Session filter and search session with which you can drill down the report and acquire the exact data you want. In Session Filter, you have

  • All sessions
  • Live sessions
  • Concluded sessions

To filter out and search the exact audit data you require, click on the search icon. To facilitate the search process, six different parameters are available as seen above in the account and user activities.