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Share Folders

You can share multiple accounts at the same time by sharing a folder with Users and Groups. In addition to sharing accounts, you are also sharing the folder with well-defined privileges.

There are different folder management privileges and account management privileges in Securden. When you want to share a folder, you can select what privileges you want to grant to the users/groups with whom you want to share the folder.


When viewing the share settings of a sub-folder, the share permission settings will be displayed. You can turn inheritance of permissions On and Off as required from here.

Folder Management Privileges

  • 'View Folder Details' privilege allows the users/groups to simply view the folder properties. They are not allowed to modify anything.
  • 'Add Accounts to Folder' privilege allows the users/groups to view the folder properties as well as add accounts to the folder.
  • 'Add Sub Folder' privilege allows the users/groups to add a sub folder, view folder properties and add accounts to the folder.
  • 'Manage Folder' privilege grants all permissions - view, modify properties, share the folder with others and add accounts. Share Folders

Account Access / Management Privileges

  • 'Open Connection' allows launching RDP, SSH sessions with target machines, and auto-filling credentials for web applications without showing the underlying password in plain text in the GUI.
  • 'View' allows the user to view the details as well as the password.
  • 'Modify' allows editing the password.
  • 'Manage' grants all privileges including subsequent share permissions.

To Share a Folder,

  1. Navigate to Folders >> >> Share >> Share Folder.
  2. Select Users or Groups by clicking on the drop-down named Share with.
  3. You can select the users/groups with whom you want to share by traversing the list from ‘Search and Select Users/Groups’. You can add multiple users and groups at the same time.
  4. To remove a user/group from the selected list click on the x. If you want to clear all the selected users/groups, click on Clear All. Share Folders
  5. Define the folder management privileges and the account management privileges according to the definitions from above.
  6. Click Save.

Share Multiple Folders

  1. Navigate to Folders >> More >> Share Folders.
  2. Select the folders you want to share. Share Folders
  3. You can choose to not disturb existing shares and append the new share permissions wherever applicable. Doing so will imply that the share permissions can only be elevated. If a lower level of permission is selected, it will not take effect.
  4. Define the folder and account management privileges by selecting the appropriate options. To learn more about the different levels of permissions, refer to the sections above.

Remove Share for a Folder

To Remove a Share, Navigate to Folders >> Share.

  1. Select the user by clicking on the check box.
  2. Click Remove Share.
  3. Click OK on the confirmation dialog box. Share Folders