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Add Documents/Files

In addition to passwords, you can also store and manage documents, files, images, license keys and others. You can either attach files along with an account or even store the documents individually.

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts >> Add >> Add Documents/Files in the GUI.

Add Documents/Files

You can classify the file as Work or Personal

Add Documents/Files

Step 2: Once you have classified the file as work or personal, you need to enter the following details:

Account Title: Provide a suitable title for identification purposes. Account Type: This is set to the File Store type by default. Browse: Select the required file from your device. Document Password (if any): Enter the password if the file is locked from accessing.


You can choose to generate a password. If you are generating a password here, you should manually configure the file to be password protected. While configuring, you should assign the password generated by Securden to the file.

Add into a folder If you want to assign the file being added into an existing folder, you can select one from the drop-down. If you want to assign the file to a new folder, you can do so by clicking Add Folder.

Add Additional Fields Once the details have been entered, if required, you can add additional fields by clicking Add Additional Field.

You have the option to add a text, password or a second file associated with the account.

  • Choose a Field type, either a text, password or file.
  • You have the option to make this additional field mandatory. If you want to enforce this field, select Yes from the drop-down.
  • Enter a field label for easy identification.
  • Use the ‘+’ to add more Fields and ‘-’ to remove extra fields.
  • Once added, click Save to continue.

Once all the required fields under Add Accounts are filled, click Save and your file will be added to Securden.


Files of any format up to the size of 25MB can be stored.

View Account Details, Passwords

You can view the passwords of accounts, edit attributes, and access other information from Accounts tab in the GUI. Click the respective account title to view the details.

The basic details of an account are displayed on the right pane when you click on any account. This includes the account name, password, IP address and other security related information. The Details section provides a quick overview of the selected account in the inventory.

To view the passwords and other details of a specific account, navigate to Accounts tab and then click the Details tab on the right pane. Click the respective account title on the left pane, you will see the details like account name, password, and other attributes. You can also edit the account properties from the details section.

The primary information in the Details pane consists of: • Account Name • Password - On the right side, next to the Password field, there are three options to Show/Hide Password, Change Password, and Verify Password.

Add Documents/Files


The password and all related fields will only be displayed if the user has all the required permissions.

  1. To see the password and the strength score, the user must at least have View permission for the account.
  2. To change the password, the user must at least have Modify permission for the account.

Password Strength - The password strength that is displayed is based on a set of predefined parameters defined in Securden.

Add Documents/Files

Each of these parameters has a weightage assigned to it, based on which the password strength score is determined.


This score is independent of the password policy assigned to the account.