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Moving Securden Installation from One Machine to Another

If you want to move the Securden installation from one machine to another (for example, moving a test setup to production), you may follow the steps below:


Securden installation is guarded by a unique encryption key. When you move the installation, you need to take care of the key as well. The new installation would require the key. By default, the encryption key is available as \conf\securden.key.

In production instances, we enforce changing the key location. If you have changed it from Admin >> Security >> Change Encryption Key Location, you need to ensure that the key is present in the location specified.

To move Securden from one server to another follow the steps below.

  • Stop the Securden PAM Service from services.msc
  • Copy the entire Securden installation folder
  • Paste it on the new server
  • Open a command prompt with admin privileges, and navigate to Privileged_Access_Manager/bin folder
  • Execute the following command SecurdenServiceInstaller.exe install
  • Start the Securden PAM Service from services.msc