Backup of Passwords as an Encrypted HTML File

As an additional backup option, super administrators can take a backup of all passwords in the form of an encrypted HTML file. These HTML files can be opened using a web browser. A passphrase has to be provided at the time of configuring the schedule.

This passphrase will be used as the encryption key. Whenever the file has to be opened, the passphrase has to be supplied. The passphrase is not stored anywhere.

The encrypted HTML file contains work accounts only. The personal accounts of the users cannot be backed up. As mentioned above, only super administrators can create the schedule. Administrators can view the schedules created by a super administrator.

To configure backup of passwords as an encrypted HTML file, navigate to Admin >> High Availability >> Password Backup (Encrypted HTML file). You will see options to configure backup once or periodically.

You can also specify the location where the encrypted HTML file should be stored and in the case of periodic backup, how many copies to be retained. If you specify 5, the most recent five backfiles will be retained.