How to Identify Breached Passwords with Dark Web Monitoring

Passwords exposed in various data breaches worldwide are publicly available as a data dump. Many times, users are not aware when their passwords are exposed in credential spilling attacks. If a breached password is being used, it may lead to a spate of cyberattacks. To prevent such incidents, Securden can periodically scan the dump and check if any of the passwords stored in the product matches with the passwords that have been exposed in known data breaches. You can configure how often Securden should check for breached passwords. Whenever usage of a breached password is detected, email alerts will be sent to administrators, auditors, respective account owners, and other specified users.

Important Note: Once you configure this, in addition to periodic checks, Securden runs this check at the time of account addition and password change events provided the product is connected to the internet.

Configuring Breached Password Identification

Prerequisite: Before configuring alerts about breached passwords, you should have configured the Mail Server Settings that enable Securden to send email notifications. You can configure this from Admin >> General >> Mail Server Settings.

To configure breached passwords identification, navigate to Admin >> Notifications >> Breached Password Identification and move the toggle “Enable Breached password Identification (Periodic Check)” to green.

How to Create a Verification Schedule

  • You can specify the interval (in days) at which the breached passwords identification check is to be performed.
  • You can get email notifications whenever a breached password is identified by enabling the Enable Email Alerts Upon Identification option.

Who is Notified on Identifying Breached Passwords

  • You can trigger the notification to any specific user(s) or user group(s). You may even choose to trigger notifications for certain specific roles of users - for example, ‘All Administrators’, ‘All Auditors’, etc.
  • You can also send notifications to people who are not registered users in Securden by specifying their email address in the box named Others(specify email address).
  • Finally, click “Save”.

How to Edit Breached Password Notifications

You can modify the notification settings anytime as desired from Admin >> Notifications >> Breached Passwords Identification section.