Don’t let data breaches pass. Choose Securden over your last password manager.

Why Securden Password Manager is the perfect alternative to LastPass?

Securden lets you centrally store, organize, share, and keep track of all passwords. Trusted by businesses of all types and sizes across the globe, Securden password manager is specifically designed for security and crafted for IT teams.

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Enterprise Password Manager

Why Securden password manager?

The right password management solution goes beyond protecting your business; it solves password management challenges and paves the way for increased productivity.

  • Enhance productivity while keeping in line with password security
  • Implement a password management solution effortlessly
  • Experience an intuitive interface that is refreshingly simple
  • Enjoy the benefits of affordable pricing and comprehensive support over calls, emails, and web meetings

Securden password manager - The password vault for enterprises

Securing your privileged credentials, if anything, should be a relieving experience. Not a burden on the IT Team.

Implement with ease

Securden Password Manager is 100 percent DIY and can be deployed in a few minutes.

Choose self-hosted or SaaS

Secure your passwords by self-hosting on-premise or fully on the cloud (SaaS).

Store credentials centrally

All your sensitive data is stored in a central repository and encrypted with AES 256 encryption.

Integrate with industry solutions

Integrate with your AD, SSO, MFA, SIEM, and ITSM solutions to help you work seamlessly.

Grant Just-In-Time access

Grant time-restricted, just-in-time access to resources through approval workflows.

Launch one-click remote access

Allow one-click RDP, SSH, and SQL connections to devices directly from the interface without revealing the underlying passwords.

Stay compliance-ready

Record and monitor all privileged activities within the vault as audit trails. Generate comprehensive reports and demonstrate compliance with industry standards.

Automate password rotation

Automate password security best practices such as periodic password rotation and enforcing complex passwords that comply with your company policy.

Validated by security experts

IT security specialists from a UK-based firm performed various penetration tests and concluded that Securden is well-built with a top-notch security model. Learn More.


"The overall security posture of the product is very good, and above the industry standard"

-- Experts from Agile Infosec, London.

Trusted by businesses of all types and sizes across the globe

20th Century Studios
Little Fish
Sydney Opera House
Harvard Medical School
Security Federal Bank
Dutrac Community Credit Union
Benchmark Insurance
Fast Med Urgent Care
Americal Board of Internal Medicine
Kdgok Corporation
Topy America
Krafton Union Beach
Brisbane Markets
Challenge Manufacturing
Emerson Impact Partner
Sullivan County Catskills
City Lake Worth Beach
North Sydney Cover
Porsecutor Bergen County
Shawnee Mission
Kern County
Public Utilities Board

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