Securden Unified PAM Features

Integrations of SAML Based SSO Tools

Today, the application landscape of any enterprise is far and wide. Users need access to multiple business applications as part of their daily routine. Every access requires password based authentication. This means that users need to remember multiple passwords. This naturally leads to users using repetitive or weak passwords that are easy to remember thus opening up vulnerabilities.

Single sign on (SSO) addresses this issue. SSO is a technology for the user authentication process that allows the users to access multiple business applications using a single set of login credentials. This enhances security and user experience besides improving efficiency

Convenient Access Leveraging SSO

Securden Unified PAM integrates with any SAML based SSO solution. SAML refers to Security Assertion Markup Language. It is an open-standard for transferring identity data between two parties. The two parties involved in this case will be Securden (service provider) and the SSO solution provider (Identity provider).

In simple terms, let’s say, when users successfully log into an identity provider portal such as okta, they will be presented with the ability to automatically log on to securden directly from there without having the need for them to enter any credentials again.

The only prerequisite would be that a SSO configuration should have been already set up between Securden and Okta allowing them to exchange information about user identity in the background. Setting up SSO configuration is a simple process that can be done in a few steps.

Securden integrates with the following SAML Identity Providers

  • G Suite
  • OneLogin
  • Microsoft ADFS
  • Azure AD SSO
  • Okta