Securden Unified PAM Features

Integrate PAM with SIEM

Combine the Power of Cybersecurity Tools to Thwart Attacks and Threats

As cyber attackers find innovative ways to achieve their targets, a variety of cyber security tools have also evolved to thwart the threats. Security information and event management, also called SIEM, is a set of tools which consolidates data from various sources to provide a holistic view of your organization’s information security from a much broader context and in correlation to other events.

However, SIEM alone cannot give end to end protection and it must be used in combination with other tools like PAM in order to get a clear picture of emerging security threats as well as to have the ability to quickly respond to ongoing incidents.

PAM Pivotal to Risk and Incident Analysis

Privileged credentials and access are critical to an organization's information security. Due to its power of unlimited access capabilities to sensitive systems and data, exploiting or abusing privileged credentials becomes the easiest and most sought after route for attackers to successfully complete what they set out to achieve. Almost every critical data breach involves misuse of privileged access either by a malicious insider or an external actor. This is where products such as PAM become critical. Privileged Access Management protects credentials and regulates access. It monitors every privileged activity across your enterprise allowing you to take complete control when required. You can shadow and record sessions. Log every activity in the form of audit trails.

Because of its aforesaid robust capabilities, PAM becomes central to any security risk and threat analysis to prevent future attacks and to respond quickly to any ongoing cybersecurity incidents. SIEM solutions on the other hand work by aggregating data from different sources to present valuable security insights and alerts.

By integrating Securden PAM with your organization's SIEM platform of your choice allows you to get a well rounded view of your enterprise information security from a much broader context in correlation to network devices, security controls, servers, databases, applications and more allowing you to take proactive preventive and corrective actions.

Respond Swiftly and Effectively to Incidents

A robust PAM and SIEM combination can create a powerful security defense. When SIEM sends an alert and if it is confirmed as a real incident then a security analyst can log in to PAM to check if any particular privileged session(s) could probably be behind the cause of the incident. Once confirmed, the analyst can dig deep into what set of activities were performed during the session to find out if any suspicious configuration settings or any binary were installed into the system etc.

With a modern PAM solution, you can zero in on exactly where it went wrong and when and who is responsible for the event thus eliminating the need for lengthy time consuming investigations. This allows IT security teams to focus on instant corrective or preventive actions.

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