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In a business environment, the users may need access to multiple systems and applications to perform their daily tasks. The most common way of authenticating the users into these systems is through login credentials.

However, credential abuse either by internal or external actors remains as a top most threat to information security. Moreover, vendors and third parties are now an indispensable part of any business today but leaving them with credentials to access sensitive systems is as good as inviting trouble because vendor access points are a common breeding ground for the cyber attackers to infiltrate into your organization's network.

Likewise, not every internal user who needs remote access to systems should know the passwords to access those systems.

In all such cases, access should be granted but without revealing the passwords to the users.

By doing so, you can eliminate the chances of password misuse due to poor practices at the users end. At the same time this approach provides a simple and easy to use experience for the users as they would be able to access the remote systems they are entitled to in just a single click.

One-Click Remote Access Without Revealing Passwords

Securden PAM allows the users to launch secure RDP, SSH, and SQL connections with remote IT assets and applications across platforms in just a single click without revealing the passwords. There is also no need for the users to retrieve the passwords from the vault as they will be auto injected when the user clicks to launch the remote access. This in turn not only enhances the security as passwords are not revealed to users but also creates an easy user experience.

Flexibility To Mask Or Unmask Passwords

You can reveal passwords to selective accounts based on the user’s job roles. . For example, a password may be revealed to selected super administrators if their job role warrants it, while at the same time, it can be masked to other users.

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